My Weight Loss RULES:

  1. power-walk 7+Km per day everyday. On Sunday, walk/run at least 12Km. Rest on Saturday.
  2. keep daily intake to about 1000 calories everyday. Saturday is a “bonus day” where I allow myself an extra 600 calories. (For a total of 1600 calories for that day only.)
  3. NO alcohol.
  4. Limit / remove all sugars (in all forms) from diet.
  5. thermal-loading: this is a process whereby you force your body to burn more energy to stay warm while submitting yourself to cold temperatures. The body pulls the energy from fat stores since there’s no food in the stomach. This works well during sleep periods. I also use ice-packs on my back at work.
  6. don’t eat within 2hrs of going to bed.
  7. don’t eat for 2 hours after exercising.
  8. keep “meals” to no larger than the size of your fist.
  9. drink approximately 3.5L of water everyday. Adjust for amount of exercise and body-weight. Never exceed more than half-liter of water per hour!
  10. track your weight loss! Record your weight daily. If you really want to see the difference, use a tape measure around your waist, chest, and neck. Record those details too.
  11. eat lots of green veggies and limit the amount of meat you consume. At most, no more than once a week for meat.
  12. take at least 30-minutes to eat each of your meals. This is the amount of time it takes your brain to get the signal from your stomach that it has enough food.
  13. Very Important) Keep your motivation & discipline high!