I like the idea that a house could be “printed,” but the concept remains too new to have done in Japan. There are regulations around the construction of a house that must be met. I’m not sure I really want to battle it out with the local Japanese governments to achieve this. Nevertheless, I do like the idea. Question is: Are the advertised costs true?

Video (10:55 minutes) 🔗

The Truth About 3D Printed Homes. Faster, cheaper, greener. 3D printing may reshape the world canvas for good. Like many inventions, 3D printed homes been hyped up over the last few years. Like the Icon 3D printed homes in Austin, Texas. But what if I told you that Italian architects designed the world’s first 3D printed house out of dirt…yep, dirt. Clearly, the hype hasn’t bitten the dust yet. Let’s take a closer look at what 3D printing means for the future of building sustainable homes and if 3d printed homes are all they’re cracked up to be.