I love the concepts of “green energy” and renewable sources. Solar and wind are high on that list. At least until we can finally get fusion energy working. My question about wind turbines is: how durable are they in snow-country? Places that typically get over 14 meters snowfall in a season. I’ve see what the roofs look like in Hokkaido, having lived there myself. Is there a design that can withstand the blizzards and harsh winter weather? Or, would I end up regretting it as the design falls apart after a few years?

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The truth about a wind turbine on your home. We’ve seen wind turbines popping up everywhere in the last few years for grid scale renewable energy installations. Solar panels for home has been a disruptive technology, but what if we could scale down wind turbines and install them on our home? In theory it sounds like a good idea to diversify our home power generation, but does it make sense to install micro wind turbines on your home vs. just installing solar panels? Let’s see if we can come to a decision on this.