Have you gamified your life? There’s a reason why games are so attractive. Compared to reality, games are just easy. Games remove all the risk ever-present in the real world. If you screw something up or die, then you simply respawn. Obviously, not something you can do in real life.

Joey Schweitzer

Realize that by not taking risks in life, you’re not saving yourself from pain. All you’re doing is trading away the acute discomfort of action for the slow-burning, longer-lasting decay of inaction, where feelings like despair and regret blossom.

It’s important to set goals and achievements in real-life and reflect on these potential rewards often.

Video (20:00 minutes) 🔗

  • Get Clearer Objectives
  • Reducing the Difficulty
  • “When you overcome resistance, you absorb its power.”
  • Gamify Discomfort, Embrace Risk
  • Be Present and Reflect