While many of us consider adding an income stream (or three) to our wallets, it’s prudent to think about the realities of what a side-hustle involves. Those that have “made it” don’t really focus on just how hard it was to endure years of hardships, sleepless nights, and hazarding one’s health just to make an “extra buck.” Not to mention that it’s not a long-term solution that you could sustain before your body forces you to make a choice. It makes no sense to build up a ton of wealth if you have to use that wealth to repair your body.

This doesn’t mean that you should never consider a side-hustle to begin with… but before you do, make sure it offers all of the following

  1. It must make money.
  2. It must have a flexible schedule.
  3. You must be capable of doing it.
  4. Can you make it your main job?

Video (12:37 minutes) 🔗

The Lies You Have Been Told About Side Hustles & Multiple Streams of Income - How Money Works

Side hustles and hustle culture in general might look harmless, after all what’s the problem with motivated individuals doing a little bit of extra work to put some more money in their pockets? Maybe side hustles can do some good, and I promise I will look at some examples that do genuinely make some sense in this vide.

But as always my main goal is to try and ruin a good thing and show you that this push to normalize and incentivize side hustles is something we probably shouldn’t be too excited about.