We Screwed up the Purpose of Life. It’s to Create.

The Berlin Wall of the internet will be torn down

Photo by Woody Kelly on Unsplash

Cliches ruin our lives.

One of the most common is, the purpose of life is to be happy.


If that were true, then all the white picket fence people would love their lives and jump for joy when they get out of bed in the morning to work and get a salary to service their enormous mortgage.

There’s a different way to think about purpose.

It’ll unlock a new dimension in your life.

Happiness can screw up your life 🔗

In my 20s I thought the purpose of my life was to be happy.
So I went out every night and partied. My occupation was DJ. This gave me a legitimate license to thrill. My parents complained.

No mother you’re wrong. I’m not wasting my life. Partying is my job.

I drank more than a fish.

I got super lucky.

While alcohol became my one true love, I couldn’t touch any harder drugs.

I say ‘lucky’ because all my friends got addicted to crack or coke. They’d even hide it up their butt so the police couldn’t find it.

At the same time I got involved with various startups. One took off. It made me happy. That happiness turned into a form of control. I grew to love firing people and cutting off their bonuses. Bliss. Happiness.

I saw everybody and everything as a competitor to my happiness. If anyone screwed with my happiness, I screwed with their life.

Revenge became my middle name.

Assholery became my profession.

All because I thought making tons of money and doing stuff I loved gave me happiness. And that was the purpose of my life.

I realized that chasing happiness can become narcissism, selfishness, Dunning-Kruger, dictator-like behavior, and drunkenness.

It feels good. But is it really the purpose of your life?

The #1 blocker of creation 🔗

There is a reason the word ‘creator’ has become popular.

It’s because too few do it and it ruins our purpose in life.
We’re not stupid. Deep down we know we need to create. However, dopamine-driven behavior messed up our purpose.

  • It’s easier to trade stocks daily than create a startup
  • It’s easier to read Twitter posts but never create your own
  • It’s easier to read millions of books but never write one
  • It’s easier to watch a Netflix drama than become an actor

The internet has amplified consumerism. Distractions are now amplified. As a result, creation is a low priority.

It’s an “I’ll do it when I can” mentality, which is never, because an app on your phone always has another notification to serve you so they can brainwash you with their agenda.

Making a difference unlocks a new game 🔗

Then why bother trying to create?

Fighting dumb internet behavior allows you to create more. When you do you begin to silently make a difference in the world.

The challenge is Hollywood exaggerated progress with the lie of overnight success. Social media success p*rn made things worse.

Silently making progress takes time. There may be zero progress markers, but it does happen if you let your work compound.

It happened to me.

People sometimes credit their wins to me. Now I’m just a mediocre writer on the internet. Even though my words feel like they do nothing, they help.

Maybe they move the dial for ten people only. But that’s still making a difference.

I didn’t understand the purpose of my life until recently.

A reader sent me a message. “I’m checking out.”

This is code for they want to take their life. The thought of death scares me. So I replied and told them not to. I put up some good arguments. I told them to get professional help.

They did.

And they didn’t do the unthinkable. They’re alive and breathing.

You become addicted to making a difference. It feels like a superpower. The energy it gives you fuels all your other creations. Your family feels it too.

The workday finishes and they can see the smile on your face. My wife notices. Cheeky devil :)

The average person chases money to buy happiness. They think that’s their purpose. When you focus on creation you unlock better rewards. These rewards keep you progressing through life.

The problem with money is its energy stops when the accumulation of it slows down, or you lose all of it.

Trust me, I know. I’ve lost a lot of money multiple times.

If the purpose of your life is to unconsciously use money to buy happiness, eventually, it’ll catch up with you.

Something will feel off. It’s your lack of purpose poking you in the back.

We want freedom for a bizarre reason 🔗

Freedom ads are everywhere.

Many people think making money online to access more freedom is a con job. They think creators like me want to be lazy and do nothing.

It’s the opposite.

We want to access freedom so we have more time to create.

That’s why I invested my money heavily over the last few years and quit my job. I didn’t want a Lambo or to buy some fake form of happiness.

I wanted to wake up early each day to create.

Now that I do it’s the best feeling in the world. I’ll never give it up. I’ll never give in to the killjoys who tell me this life isn’t possible or it’s a scam.

No way. Uh-uh.

When you realize why you really want time freedom, it changes the purpose of your life.

Laziness isn’t your goal. Creation (secretly) is.

This new purpose has created World War 3 🔗

Most forms of creation happen online nowadays.

A change has happened. Big tech companies run the places where creators spend time. Monopolies like Youtube have a say in what we can create.

True creation is done freely.

Those who have realized the purpose of life is to create are starting to realize that creation done in handcuffs isn’t true creation.

A war against the gatekeepers of creation is slowly rising up. As more realize their true purpose, the Berlin Wall of the internet will be torn down.

Change is inevitable as we discover this new purpose for ourselves and exits the Matrix of too much consumption.

Our most proud moment unlocks another world 🔗

When I think about my proudest moments many of them have one thing in common: creation.

I launched a newsletter recently. Within a few hours tens of thousands of people had signed up. It’s an idea I’ve had for ages. Finally it’s a reality.

Seeing the project help so many people has given me a lot of joy.

When I want to have a moment to tell people exciting things that have happened to me it comes from acts of creation.

In my 20s it was different. My purpose was happiness so I’d tell them about what car I bought or what money did for my life.

Not anymore.

Now I tell people what I’ve created. They’re often inspired to create themselves. The purpose of life keeps shifting for humanity.

You could live forever 🔗

Your creations don’t die with you. They get left behind. People remember them. People continue to enjoy them. People continue to learn from them.

It’s weird to think about — but what if you could live forever through your creations?

You can.

Create more to leave behind evidence of who you are, so you live forever.