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Moments of History and Myth

Drawing on various figures and events from history and ⋯


Richie Bartlett, Jr.

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Dido, tears fill her face
as Aeneas leaves her place.
the Gods have it all in mind,
the fates are not always kind.
Juno’s plans worked for so long.
Before Zeus sent his song.

Ships running away
as Aeneas has his way.
On they go
to where of which little they know
will conquer their known world.
With these famous words, “Et Tu Brute,” in Caesar’s mind,
we have repeated what has gone through time.

Augustus, one of the best
served as model for the rest.
Successors, bringing loot in the city,
forgiving the conquered with no pity.
The ruling party, enjoying life in their town.
While Carthage, conquered and ruined, burns to the ground.

Throughout history, mystery and myth, our lives go on
with only influence to move us along.

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