Running through time, I see my face through the years.
I die once past ten and again I watch my mother’s tears.
Forgotten thoughts of yesterdays resurface to reveal the truth.
Mistakes of mine to blame;
as a teen, anger fuels my flame.
By my mind’s own hand, I die.
Try as I might, I have no where to hide.
This world filled with hate;
I’m sorry, I tried to rush, but now I’m too late.

Blue. My beautiful blue. My love stolen.
Sparks the midnight shadow where I dwell.
My heart too weak to heal.
Once more, I die.
Watching my soul, where it may lie.
Breathing and yet without life,
I continue on wishing, one day, for a wife.
A family I desire, old and ugly I grow.
Thinking, wishing, where should I go?
Cold, I feel… My warmth gone.
and now alone, I begin my sleep.