As we approach the third week of nature’s disaster upon Japan, we find the aftermath of these connected events plaguing us. From the M9.0 quake to the resulting tsunami and the weakened nuclear reactors in Fukushima, it goes without saying how tragic this has been and the burdens that now weighs on Japan. The current count of missing and dead has surpassed 21,000.

The problems with the Fukushima power plants continue to give rise of concern in regard to our long-term safety. And while the foreign media, particularly in Europe and the States, has been shamelessly scaring people into watching their “news” casts​, the situation here is not quite so grave. However, I won’t say that we are perfectly safe either. So far, the monitoring stations that I have kept watch are showing minute increases in the contamination in the water and air. I imagine the recent rain fall can be blamed for why the irradiated iodine counts have increased in the Tokyo water supplies. On the other hand, the rains did help to minimize the contaminants in the air around Tokyo. So, while we can continue to enjoy the sunlight outside, we must be vigilant of our young and protect them from the contaminated water. So far, the water poses no short-term health risks for fully grown adults. The Japanese government has recently issued a warning about this. My company has also responded by offering free water services to families with young children.

It’s encouraging to see everyone pulling together to help each other out.