Looking at the USGS site that covers Japan, I can see all the earthquakes are focused along the deep oceanic trench where the Eurasia plate and the Pacific plate meet. In the last 10 days alone, we have experienced over 300 noteworthy earthquakes. I typically don’t concern myself with any quake less than 5.0 magnitude. However, the concern at this point (aside from the Fukushima radiation) is the pattern of earthquakes that appear to be moving southward towards Tokyo. If this trend continues, Tokyo could very well be on it’s way to seeing the big one within the next year.
More disturbing yet, as the Pacific plate buries itself below the Eurasia plate, there’s an excellent chance that the stratovolcano volcano known as Mt. Fuji (富士山) will start to build up more pressure in its magma chamber. I’m not a geologist. So, I won’t proclaim to have any hard facts here. But, I can imagine that if the Philippine plate were to start moving under the Eurasia plate, then Mount Fuji is surely to surpass it’s capacity and explode. With Tokyo (東京都) roughly a mere 110Km away, this would be devastating. I hope to never see this in my lifetime or at least not while I’m in Japan.

Panic serves little in the way to constructive thought. It’s best to be as prepared as one can be. I have my emergency kits packed and ready should the need arise. As with anything, it’s best to be aware and educated about the situation.

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