• DIET: The Most Ignored Answer to COVID?

    Public health officials have rightfully focused on distancing and masks but has bad diet been fueling this virus in the US? Could diet help us out? A look at over 30 studies for the answer.

    (16 minutes)

    Better to be a plant-eater

    Interesting data from a metadata study on the effects of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-​2). From the main study, it’s curious to see that the so-called “vegan” group was the least likely to experience servere effects of the virus whereas the “meat eaters” group was the most likely to suffer the worst of the symptoms.

    Shocking Results from COVID Diet Study (12 minutes)

    Now I’m thinking about food…

    After seeing the above videos, I want some food! Enjoy this video on “vegan” sushi!

    (16 minutes)

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