3D website? 🔗

I’ve seen attempts to create three-dimnesional websites. In most cases, they were novel, but not practical. Unless there was an interface that enabled everyone to experience the website as they would the real world, I don’t see this working that well. Game developers, however, could make great use of this. But then there are limitations to building a game on a web-browser. This is why most games are built on the native device’s OS as a web browser would not provide the best performance. That said, there are a few niche areas where a well designed website could incorporate some 3D elements for that extra “wow” factor.

three.js (JavaScript Framework) 🔗

Overview of what 3JS offers.

Getting Started with THREE.JS 🔗

Three.js allows you to harness the power of WebGL in order to create 3D experiences in the browser. There’s so much to learn, and today is just our first step.