• 3D website?

    I’ve seen attempts to create three-dimnesional websites. In most cases, they were novel, but not practical. Unless there was an interface that enabled everyone to experience the website as they would the real world, I don’t see this working that well. Game developers, however, could make great use of this. But then there are limitations to building a game on a web-browser. This is why most games are built on the native device’s OS as a web browser would not provide the best performance. That said, there are a few niche areas where a well designed website could incorporate some 3D elements for that extra “wow” factor.

    three.js (JavaScript Framework)

    Overview of what 3JS offers.

    Getting Started with THREE.JS

    Three.js allows you to harness the power of WebGL in order to create 3D experiences in the browser. There’s so much to learn, and today is just our first step.

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    Table of Contents