• Home automation for Apple fanboy

    I’ve had it in mind to build a home automation system that includes cameras and smart switches. But support for devices in HomeKit has been very limited. While that still seems the case, Apple has ever so slightly improved HomeKit and support. After reviewing Snazzy Lab’s setup, I see that it has matured enough to consider how I could implement this in my future house.


    • All devices must operate without an internet connection
    • There must be a simple manual control method
    • All automation must be centrally controlled (HomeBridge?)
    • All functions must be accessible and easy to activate from an Apple device (i.e. iPhone) via HomeKit


    • HomeKit supports multiple hubs. For example: homePod Mini and AppleTV.
    • Absolutely zero “smart bulbs.” A “smart” switch is far more effective.

    Snazzy Lab’s recommended hardware:

    Video (22 minutes)

    Snazzy Labs gives you a tour of his smart house built on three distinct principles: (1) all smart devices must be controllable non-smartly—either via a remote or on-device button, (2) all devices must integrate into a singular, centralized app with a singular voice assistant, and, (3) automation must never get in the way. This is a smart home that’s not stupid.

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    Table of Contents