Dear ,

It was a pleasure to meet with you last Friday evening. I understand that you need someone that can provide the know-how to deliver. “Whatever it takes” is not only my motto, but the driving force behind every project I engage. From my attached resume, you can see a progressive approach in my career. Most recently with RBS, I was brought in as the technical lead to manage the task of unifying and upgrading their existing systems. I was the first to address the issues while my counter-parts in Hong Kong and Singapore failed to acknowledge critical timeline problems. This enabled me to actually complete the first phase on schedule while others had to request extensions.

Previous engagements, while highly technical in nature, required constant interaction with key project holders. Not only do I have the knowledge to architect any business infrastructure, I’m familiar with the process to drive the project to the end-goal. My focus has been to identify what can be streamlined and apply it to the business process. At Wells Fargo (USA), I single-handedly introduced a process to automate the server build process. This automation reduced a 2 hour build time down to only 30 minutes. When considering that Wells employed over 50 engineers that used this process to build upto 100 servers per week, this easily saved the enterprise bottom-line by $10,000 per month.

As with anything in life, I truly believe that “nothing easy is greatly rewarding.” From my history, you can see that I fear no challenge. I can provide a number of references if you should require.


Richie Bartlett Jr.