• I took my first ICE bath last night. It was especially refreshing after a hard 30 minute 3.3km power-walk home in the humid heat. I was dripping sweat everywhere! I added some raspberry ​soap to the water while the tub filled up. I spent about 20 minutes there. I did notice that the air felt warm when I exited the bath. This suggests that my core body temperature definitely rose. I should measure the temperature of the water and my mouth next time.
    I wonder if the thermometer would detect a change in body temperature before and after the ice bath.

    Unfortunately, my visiting friend cooked up a feast and insisted that I eat a large plate of food. The food was fantastic, but I regretted eating so much. It was about 4-5 fist full sizes of food. Which means I probably ate about 4 times too much food… 😟 So, I’ll have to work that much harder this week to compensate for this setback.

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