Fructose 🔗

Fructose, the “sugar” our body simply converts directly to fat!

The Good doctor in this YouTube video recommends the following outline for a life-style:

  • Remove all sugar-filled liquids - only drink water
  • Avoid Milk - too many artificial hormones! (this is my own insert)
  • Restrict all alcohols! Too many reasons not to drink it.
  • Eat upto 150g fiber everyday with carbohydrates (side-effect includes weight-loss and farts)
  • Eat slowly at every meal (take at least 30min per sitting) and wait 20min before a 2nd helping
  • 1-2 hours of “sweaty” exercise everyday (use cold-ice packs during the day) - swimming is best

The short 10min (chemistry version) explanation 🔗