Previously, I discussed​ the core emotions of Humans and how these emotions have evolved within societies to create rules, laws, traditions, and even religions. My investigation of this matter is to resolve an internal conflict of what type of family I wish to create.

Having grown up in a broken home and personally observed the tragedy of separation, I desire not to repeat my parents mistakes. I have dated both religious and non-religious women. So far, the religious females tend to be either too naive or too strict. Whereas the non-religious can be rather rude and noncommittal… and a bit selfish or too concerned with vanity.

I should address my own grievances with the Church before considering anything with a religious woman. Aside from the adventure and life style of most Japanese, one of the reasons I came to Japan was to experience life as the Japanese do. This includes consumption of various alcohols and enjoying all the foods the Asian culture has to offer. Traveling around all the unique places in East Asia.

The non-denominational churches do not seem to place tight restrictions on diet and life-style. Whereas one particular “society” of LDS churches have a long list of sins that must be avoided. They calm to be Christians. Yet, their core texts not only contradicts the accepted old and new testament volumes of the Bible, but they were written by a well known con-artist whom was unfortunately martyred. Their “Pearl of Great Price” volumes were based on Joseph Smith’s fictitious translations of the book of Abraham via “Renewed(?) Hieroglyphics.” Joseph Smith was a certified and licensed Alcohol distributor. The LDS history has many references to Joseph sharing the “spirits” with the “Quorum of 12.” And if one bothers to actually read closely in D&C verse 89:5, there is a conditional on the end that suggest alcohol is okay if you make it yourself. Yet they tell you that alcohol is a SIN! And this sin is tantamount to murder! HA! I came up with a list of questions based on my analysis of the Book of Mormon. I attempted to have these answered by the “experts” in the LDS church. The first thing they point out is to “pray and ask God to answer these questions…” Then they ask me to “feel” the answer is “true.” They try to list a number of verses to read from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The problem is those texts had no relation to the question unless you ignore the context for which it was written. The Mormons are rather arrogant in their thinking as they believe that non LDS Christians will not be permitted in Heaven. That LDS is the only way in. And furthermore, to say one believes in the Bible and of God/Satan is to force oneself to acknowledge existence of ghosts, spirits, demons, witches, warlocks, magicians and all sorts of phenomenon where the unknown (aka fantasy) factor is high. The LDS church handicaps itself with a list of bogus claims regarding foods or drinks that they believe to be poisonous to the body. For example, any drink with caffeine is a poison. This is based on what scientific evidence??? Funny how they ignore the fact that chocolate has caffeine. No one says anything about a girl enjoying her choco! And when you tell the LDS girl that choco has caffeine, she responds “I don’t know…” and continues to finish the ever tasty chocolate. So, they try to ignore what doesn’t fit their model of a pure life.

I consider myself to be highly educated although mostly self-taught. I take issue with the religious rules that have no basis in fact or can not withstand scientific scrutiny. The LDS church has failed on all counts of scrutiny. Whereas the Catholic Church has managed to mostly hold its own via historical facts. They, however, still have yet to prove all counts of Christ and the story of his life on Earth. Much less offer more than “truth” of God’s existence as defined in the Bible.

Ultimately, I find myself coming to the conclusion that an agnostic life-style would fit best. I must acknowledge a point of why I was attempting to date a Christian woman. I was looking for a woman that would show respect and mother the number of children I desire without question of my authority. The Christian religion places the Husband/Father as the leader of the family-unit that must be obeyed to survive. While I believe this still holds true, an agnostic woman would be less inclined to be “faithful” and would show contempt more often. Additionally, the Christian society provides a mechanism where couples are introduced fairly often. The agnostic society offers this to a lesser extent. However, with a little more work on my part… I may find myself successful.

So, at this point… I believe I have come to a resolve on this matter. I will pursue an agnostic lifestyle with a wonderful Japanese lady. May my hunting prove successful.