• Below, I will define the traits and qualities I look for in a potential mate.

    • Personality:
      • Fluent in 日本語。Since I am to live in Japan indefinitely, Japanese language is a must to survive in Japan.
      • MOST IMPORTANT: Can accept me and all my faults as I am!
      • Will socially drink - alcohol
      • Well Educated. She must be able to create and/or carry a conversation on diverse topics. Hard to talk to someone that refuses to understand the topic you are discussing.
      • Does not focus on money - but is efficient with spending and knows how to save.
      • A practical “down to earth” sense: Doesn’t care to dress in fancy clothes everyday.
      • Uses as little makeup as possible - I prefer all natural… No makeup…
      • Likes to explore and travel. Not afraid to spend a week camping without the luxuries of the city.
      • Enjoys movies both at the theater and at home.
      • Can handle computers and online surfing/shopping. Would enjoy spending time together on the PS3.
      • Can speak some English - this is a low priority, but I must increase my 日本語のレバル!
      • Can learn new things - Can she be a good cook? Would she be willing to learn sewing?
    • Geographic location:
      • Lives reasonably close to my current home
      • Should not take more than an hour by train or foot to visit her home.
    • Physical Attributes:
      • Asian
      • Favors long hair
      • Dark hair color - I prefer black but brown is okay as well
      • Age: Mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Younger is preferred as I desire at least 3 kids.
      • She must be single.
      • I prefer that she has not yet married and has yet produced kids. But be able to birth children.
      • Weight: 60Kg ~ 90Kg - not too skinny… I’m not attracted to “tooth picks.”
      • Height: no more than 180cm
      • I like a girl that prefers to wear skirts as I enjoy looking at the soft skin of their legs.
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