• The best guide for you to start earning money and monetizing everything surrounding yourself!

    All of us want to earn more money and live a better life, right? That’s not unusual. Most of us are trying to save every penny for the future, find another job, or find some other way to get rich fast. Trust me, with these old concepts and methods, you won’t achieve anything. These are old-school tactics that helped our parents. They didn’t have as many options as we have right now. They didn’t have Stripe or PayPal for payments, they didn’t have Shopify for e-commerce, and they didn’t have the internet. The only way for them to earn more money is to take on a second job or work harder, longer hours. Now, you better work smarter rather than harder. You don’t need to waste 15 hours a day to earn more money. Just need to find a new way of generating that money.

    The problem is not that many people understand how money works and what you should do right now. So lots of scammers on the internet are selling their courses about day-trading or something like that. Telling you that you’ll become a millionaire. Unfortunately, you won’t. You won’t if you buy these courses and hope for a red pill[^1] that will save you from this world and make you rich instantly. To really become wealthy you need to define opportunities right now and understand in which direction you should go.
    [^1]: Red Pill

    In this article, I’ll share with you some of the most efficient ways to get what you want and explain what you should do!

    Monetize Your Life

    First of all, virtually nothing you do should be free. It’s literally a waste of time. For example, you’re talking with your friend about some interesting and hot topics, such as the future of the internet, cryptocurrency, or discussing financial stuff. The first thing you should do is monetize it. In other words, why are you talking for free when you can start recording podcasts about these topics and share your ideas with others? It will give you huge opportunities and absolutely new ways to earn some cash. If you’ve done everything right, then people will really listen to you. After that, you will have a larger amount of like-minded people and you will be able to move further in the same direction!

    It can also be implemented in other spheres. Why take photos of your journey and post them on Instagram for your friends when you can upload them on Shutterstock or other platforms and earn money from them? People will buy your photos an infinite number of times, and you’ll have an additional passive income. Or if you still want to take pictures of yourself and share them on your Instagram page, then you can just turn your Instagram page into a business.

    There are tons of ways to monetize your everyday life. You can walk, run, sleep, and even play chess and earn money from it. There are many Web3 apps that give you a new experience. The best example of them was Step’n, which is a Move-to-earn app where you can walk/jog/run and earn some money from it. But before you earn anything, you need to buy an NFT sneaker and then run every day. Several months ago, you could earn up to several thousand per month from it. However, the market has recently crashed, and you can now live on a couple of dollars per day. There are lots of such apps, for instance, Walken, Sweat, and so on. You can browse all of them and choose which one best suits you. You can also search for other projects where you can play video games and earn from them, or as I said, even play chess!

    So the output of everything above is that you can and you should monetize as much as it’s possible in your life. Doing podcasts, starting a blog, and taking every opportunity that comes your way. And don’t waste time just talking with someone when you can earn some cash from it!

    Turn Your Hobby Into Business


    That’s right, you can turn everything that you’re doing in life into a business.

    It can be an Instagram page, as mentioned earlier, or anything else. If you’re creating something hand-made, then you can also sell it for a good price on the internet using Mericari, Etsy, or eBay. If you love writing, you can always find different ways to monetize it. Even writing on Medium can give you some extra cash. Personally, I chose writing because I was reading a lot of books and highlighting lots of really important thoughts that could help me and others as well. So I thought about sharing this information with all of you guys and trying to monetize it.

    Actually, it’s much easier for you to start a new business if you are already good at something. You can develop this business as your personal brand with your personal services or products. It will, firstly, give you recognition among people who are using your product. And secondly, it will make it much easier to monetize. Ask GaryVee about it. He’s the biggest fan of building a personal brand, and I totally agree with him.

    It’s also easier as you don’t need to waste time on finding a profitable niche and exploring the current market. You’ve already done it before. Now everything that you need is to turn it into a fully working business. To do it, build a business model of how your service will work. Will you ship your products? Or, is it just an online agency? What do you need for this business? (Website, Manager, Administrator, etc.) When you’ve done all of it and have a final goal with the plan, then you need to understand how much money you must spend on it. Your website needs to look amazing. You can hire someone to do it, or do it yourself with some builders. Anyway, there’s always a way out of every situation, and you need to find it.

    There are millions of ways to turn your hobby into a business. Thanks to the internet and all the tech startups that are making our lives much easier. As I mentioned earlier, our parents didn’t have Stripe and weren’t able to accept payments online. With current technologies, it has become much easier than ever before. You just need to know about these tools and platforms.

    You Have Lots of Options

    It doesn’t matter who you are and what you’re doing. Right now, there are tons of ways for everyone to earn money. If you’re a painter, you can either digitalize your works and sell them as NFT, or open an Instagram account where you’ll share your works. With social media, it has become much easier to promote your project or business. All you need is to understand how it works and start creating content constantly (and consistently). It will increase your audience, and more people will understand what you’re doing.

    There are no excuses for not doing it. As I said, everyone can monetize everything and earn money from it. You can be a waiter, but you can still upload TikToks of who you’re working with. The problem isn’t that you don’t have any options… The problem is that you need to find a way to earn money from them. If you don’t want to do something routine, you can hire someone and they’ll do everything for you. Your business can scale exponentially by hiring different qualified people and building a team.

    It’s important to mention that most of us already have everything that we need to start building businesses, monetizing, and earning money. We have a phone. The phone is the best device for you to start doing something, and many of us have it. Each app first aims for the mobile niche, because it’s simply larger than the others combined. So, if you have a phone, you can start working on your future right now!

    Why Old Methods Don’t Work Anymore?

    Old methods are no longer as efficient, and there’s nothing so strange about it. We all understand the world we’re currently living in and the world of our parents are totally different places. They didn’t have anything to upscale their business so fast and monetize everything. They didn’t have the internet, they didn’t have podcasts nor TikToks, and so on. It’s the main reason why old methods aren’t worth it anymore. They’re just too old for our world.

    You will not become a millionaire if you save every penny by foregoing coffee or anything else. Saving doesn’t work anymore. You don’t need to put your money in the bank and wait till you get a 20% return in a decade or two. It would be far better to put it into business or invest in something really meaningful. It could be some new startups, projects, and probably even cryptocurrencies. Anyway, depositing your money in the bank is probably the worst thing you can do with your money. If you want to invest, which is really good, then you should invest in stocks, the future, crypto, real estate, and so on. It will give you many more opportunities and you’ll see how you’re starting to earn more money by understanding how the whole system works.


    Hope you got everything that I’m trying to explain. You need to act right now. You don’t have any excuses and have everything that you need to start earning money. Always remember to monetize as much as possible and not waste time. You’ll learn how to earn more money… and find a bunch of new opportunities.

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