• I am alone. I am sad
    without a tear drop to be had.
    So cold, I turn winter grey.
    I wonder if I will see another day.
    Cloudy is my mind.
    Without purpose, my pace begins to slow.
    Freezing, I feel the dark winds blow.
    Continuing my path without reason.
    Harsh is the weather of this season.

    My night has begun to fall.
    The day’s end, I feel, draws near.
    So cold, no blanket in sight, I fear.
    The night’s dawn long gone.
    Why do I continue on…

    This midnight has passed.
    My strength and warmth all faded.
    I feel my heart become jaded.
    Frostbitten, I cross an icy bridge to a snowy ledge.
    I have no reason to stop at its edge.
    Looking below, I see a dark abyss.
    Weightless, I continue to fall.
    No one hears my cries nor call.
    Recklessly, I continue my descent.
    Until finally, I have no reason nor resent.

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