A bright light, the first thing I see;
the feeling, the pain, I didn’t want to leave.
No longer warm, I began to scream.
Feet first, my cold world began.
A comforting voice, all I knew dear.
My endearing mother held me near.
Strangers abound, I didn’t understand.
Pulled away, screaming I began.
Innocent and pure, this place felt.
Exhausted and secure, my fears melt.
Awaken, a sweet voice I heard.
Bright eyed, I finally see
her arms encompassing me!
A sight, a memory, everlasting long.
No where else did I belong.
Blue eyes, wide smile, brunette silk.
At last, I’m enjoying my first milk.

Stirred by an annoying drone.
Cloudy is my mind and old I have grown.
Tired once more, I dreamed my next life!