Since we first met eyes
the first sweet words were heard
you held a wonderful prize
I’ll never forget a word —
A simple phrase held dear to my heart —
I remember every moment of my life.
You were always there.
Whenever you saw I was down,
you repeated that lovely phrase “I love you”
and with such beautiful words came open arms of compassion.
You never failed to meet my needs —
no matter how hard it seems.
I could never return such a gift —
the same way you could give it.
For that my words will never be enough.
So, I repeat the words heard on that very first day, “I love you!”
You Always seem to know what to do.
You gave advice as your words of wisdom;
understanding my times of confusion.
You were always impressed with my ambition.
My talents continuously seem to awe you.
Your gift of kindness and commonsense paved minimized my strife.
I thank you, Mom, for your gift of life.
So now I’ll repeat those very first words until the end.
I Love you, Mom!!