• I can’t stop thinking of you
    I want to satisfy all your longings
    my mind spins and twirls
    hands yarn to feel nothing but you
    lips moisten
    fingers caressing your hair
    slowly guiding their way down your neck
    eyes devouring every inch and every curve

    Skin to skin, tongues tangle
    as my hands wonder the unknown
    following each gentle curve
    sampling such tender skin.
    What sweet arousal my tongue feels
    kissing your neck
    Pulses raise as temperatures soar
    my mind races
    as I cradle your body onto the floor
    your hands around my neck
    I whet and hone through such docile breast
    tantalizing each curve
    fingers loosen pants – as my tongue nestles your stomach
    panting eyes whimpering for more – and slowly unzip.
    uncovering divine pride
    coaxing your delicious clitoris and labia minor
    what tongue-inciting cunnilingus!

    Poetic Dream