• May you never seek to read the final chapter…

    Before me is a fresh page. Thinking back, memories flood my mind
    as my pen soaks the surface with ink. Before the first page was complete, drops blur the words. I didn’t realize what I had done.

    I wrote of times gone by, wishing for times relived. Laughing at times of joy and embarrassed by times of naiveté. A child’s heart reminds me of the simple adventures forgotten over many winters. Traveling to distant lands with simple plans. Learning that the back yard extends further than the picket fence.

    Stepping out onto the road of life, I see many mountains ahead. Flowing down into the valleys of light. Flying over the rivers of pain into the Clouds of happiness. Each passage spoke of sunny days of tropical paradise followed by icy storms of long wintery nights.

    Like a hurricane, I found myself caught up in the whirl-wind of memories past. Just as the eye of the storm begins to pass… The rain resumes its reign. With each passing year, I found December less dear. Fewer parties were held until only I knew well.

    Heavy at times, memories can be. The mind can dwell like an ocean swells until the eyes can no longer damn the weight. Looking up, I see the sunrise peeking through the curtains. Wishing to see what new chapters were added. Another page… I begin anew.

    Heaven & Hell
    Pride’s Fall