• A flat line… The last breath made,
    The final journey traveled.
    Looking up, I see the final mysteries unraveled.
    This place without sin. I wished for a beer just then.

    The Almighty and my Omega.
    All the Lambs were kneeling. I can’t stand this feeling.
    The Light so pure, I can’t see. All I want to do is flee.
    And yet, there exist no exit!

    Screaming out my mind, I realize the endless time.
    God, the Great Comedian. He left us no median.
    Hell’s gate was actually Heaven’s Southside!

    Honestly, I was expecting flames.
    I didn’t foresee a place full of Lames!
    For ten minutes, I was there. And already I didn’t care!
    I asked for Satan, and Jesus answered!
    “What happened to Hell?” With a smile, began his tale.
    After an Eternity with this guy.
    All I wanted is to say ‘good bye.’

    Looking about the room, I’m finally awake.
    Damn those brilliant Doctors! Realizing I filled my drawers.
    So, I finally meet my Hell. Already, it begins to smell.

    Jerry "Furball" Bartlett Jr
    My Letter