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    Self-care is not the same every day

    The best of intentions are easily disrupted. It can be difficult to keep to your ideal schedule. But try to be as consistent to your ideal weekly plan as possible. Remember that time offers no refunds.

    Reputation is a fragile house

    Reputation is like the game Jenga. One wrong move and it all falls apart. It's hard and time consuming to build it up, but easy to lose it all.

    Learning is a life-long process

    Learning should not stop when you leave school. Learning is a life-long process.

    Make big plans, but enjoy little things

    Don't be afraid to make big plans. And, don't forget to enjoy the little things in life.

    The success combination

    Trading your time behind a desk for cash won't exactly lead you towards great success. Success is not defined purely by hard work alone. Success requires about 50% hard-work done smart, plus a balance of patience, persistence, networking, and luck.

    Confirmation versus Curiosity

    Avoid confirmation bias and keep an open mind. Stay curious and follow the scientific method when considering ideas.

    Keep moving to motivate the mind

    You can't stay idle on old ideas. You have to keep moving both the body and mind to work towards the next great idea.

    Self-validation will free you from all kinds of validation

    Using proactive and reactive thinking to simplify ideas can make moving through validation much easier internally. Don't get stuck in the prison of external validation on social media. Focus on what you already know you can do. Break down big tasks into smaller steps.

    Impatience with actions, patience for results

    No idea is perfect from the start. It takes persistence to "perfect" an idea. Nothing easy is greatly rewarding.

    Golden rule: Seek long-term purpose, not “ephemeral rewards”

    Seeking purpose with a long term vision is always better than taking a hit of short term rewards like those often exploited on social media.

    The cure for overthinking is “laser-focus”

    Don't overload yourself when you need to focus on one piece of the puzzle at a time.

    What will you choose?

    You have only two options: balance your work with rest... Or, work yourself sick with forced rest...

    Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. Act now!

    Tomorrow will become a graveyard of ideas unless you act upon them. Nothing worse than having ideas that become wasted and unacted upon.

    Distractions are the enemy of deep work. Are you protecting your attention?

    Distractions prevent you from staying "in the zone" and flowing through your thought process. Be mindful of these things that take away time from your real work and goals.

    Self-doubt will kill more dreams than failure ever will

    Self doubt kills more dreams than anything else. Failure isn't the end of an idea. Rather it's the beginning to see how to make it right.

    Who you marry is of most important financial decisions you’ll make

    Aside from savings and investment assets, marriage requires a lot of financial responsibility. Take your time to find the right person. Even if that means living together for several years before taking your vows. Remember that marriage is a binding contractual agreement. Anything your partner does will affect your finances.

    You’re not running out of time; you’re full of infinite possibilities

    Limits are only the boundaries of your mind. Anything is absolutely possible if you are willing to spend the time and effort.

    Knowledge + Action = Wisdom

    Knowledge alone is not enough. Wisdom is knowing when to put knowledge in action. Action is where you can achieve goals for which you have the knowledge.

    Building in public will unlock great opportunities

    Building in public is a great way for everyone to see you grow. Your progress is visible to all. The more everyone can see how you resolve difficult problems, they more they will respect you. The more they will stay to see how you solve the next problem.

    Communication 101 — Clear > Clever

    Never choose clever at the cost of clarity. Clarity is what defines you and your products. However, if everyone is clear and offer the same features, then clever is what will set you apart. It's a false dichotomy to see this as a binary option. Just be clear and add some cleverness to it.

    BONUS: Growth zones

    Fear stops us from leaving the Comfort Zone, but also prevents us from moving into the Learning Zone. Make fears conscious, then fear no longer holds you back. You can move _through_ fear after you acknowledge it.

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