What!??!! This is outrageous! What are these buffoons at TEPCO thinking???

According to the Japan times, they plan to (or currently have) dump over 10Ktons of contaminated and irradiated water into the ocean! Not only that, but they tell the public they will drop a silt curtain into the sea surrounding the plant. This silt curtain is designed to contain large particulates like oil and mud. This will NOT contain any irradiated water from passing through the curtain! This PR stunt is only in an effort to show the public they are doing “something…” It’s a waste of time and money that can be used for actual solutions.

Further more, they inform us they need to “acquire and install…” This means they don’t already have it and need to buy it. Effectively taking a week just to get the equipment. Then the time to install can be estimated at another week. So, once the funds have been approved, we are talking about two weeks before the curtain is in place. This is pure insanity!!! Two weeks! And they’re talking about releasing (if they haven’t already) the contaminated water probably today! In two weeks time, the contaminated water would easily have reached California beaches! Not to mention all the fish in the Pacific ocean that will become contaminated as well! (NOT) Brilliant! Just plain insanity! These “fish loving” “geniuses” are effectively cutting their fishing poles in half.

They claim the water they are releasing will be harmless to human health. I seriously doubt anything they say. They claim to be able to release only the least contaminated waters. With what complex filtering and detection system??? Huh? That plant was designed over 50 years ago and built over 40 years ago. They didn’t have any insights to such requirements. Nor would TEPCO waste it’s profits designing and installing such a system.

If TEPCO wants to help reassure the public in the safety of the contaminated waters they are releasing, then they must swim out into the ocean nearby the plant and catch some fish. Then I want to see them live on TV eat that same fish from the ocean!! Let them do this for a couple of weeks… I want to see if they suddenly disappear from the TV spotlight… If that happens, then all will know that TEPCO is the blame for why I can no longer enjoy the sushi… 😢

Update: seems they have been releasing the contaminated waters for some time now… http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/monitoring/