An aerial drone hobbyist builds a functional scale-model Star Wars spaceship.

Credit: Olivier C

While a case could conceivably be made for other contenders, most people agree that the Millennium Falcon is the coolest spaceship ever imagined.

So we’re pleased to report that the world of Star Wars has successfully collided with the world of hobbyists and customized aerial drones. In a series of viral videos quickly making the rounds, YouTuber Olivier C has unveiled his latest creation - the Millennium Falcon quadcopter.

The UAV is DIY from the ground up, FYI. The quadcopter itself is a custom-built rig called the “Prophecy 335,” which according to notes posted to the forums of, is designed “to go fast, very fast, and low, very low.” Presumably, this is to facilitate low-altitude flying over the surface of large asteroids.

The foam shell, meanwhile, is cut from lightweight insulation material chosen specifically for its color-match with the grimy, off-white spaceship of the films. The process was exacting indeed, with down-to-the-gram weight adjustments and just 10 mm of space between the rotor blades and the foam.

And check out the attention to detail: The drone has a made-to-scale cockpit, gun turrets and a bank of blue-white LEDs to match the Falcon’s famous rear thrusters. The top-mounted antenna dish is even modeled after the rectangular design in the trailer for the new film - as opposed to the circular dish in the original movies. Also note the Star Wars music and fonts in the demo videos.

Most importantly, the Falcon flies. Here’s the video of the drone’s maiden night flight, but you can track down additional videos on the YouTube channel, including a harrowing mission on the ice planet of Hoth.

RC Millennium Falcon : First mission | Video (2:24) 🔗

In a galaxy far far away.
January 2015

A quadcopter: Prophecy 335 (custom frame, carbon and aluminium)
Motors : T-Motors 2208-18 1100kV
Speed controllers : T-Motors T30A
Propellers : HQprop 8x4.5SF
Battery: LiPo 4S-1800mAh
Flight controller : Naza v1
Radio system : Futaba 14SG, receiver FrSky TFR6

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