Many of you might have fond memories of summers spent cooling off on a backyard water slide (and possibly not-so-fond memories of friction burns). But surely a few daredevils were always left wondering, “Is that it?” as they landed in the splash pool. Enter Slide the City, the ultimate in childhood wish-fulfillment. The people of Japan will soon have a chance to experience the enormous water slide for themselves when it opens on Golden Week, a run of consecutive public holidays which this year begins on April 29.

As seen in the screenshot above, the slide spans at least a couple of blocks, measuring a whopping 300 meters, and makes good on its name by running through the heart of various urban locations. As such, it’s not hard to see why the July 2014 unveiling in Salt Lake City was such a success, with some 6,000 people participating in the event.

The slide pumps four liters of water every second, carrying a person from start to finish in 30 seconds. Maybe a helmet isn’t such a bad idea.

Slide the City will roll out across a number of cities in Japan in preparation for the summer season. Taking the reins of this project is an ideal creative duo: 1) afromance, responsible for such mold-breaking events as Awapa (literally “foam party”) and BURNING JAPAN, a “three day long celebration of art inspired by Burning Man;” and 2) Happiness Architect, the pioneer behind the concept of “early morning festivals.”

Operating under the joint banner of Afro&Mo, the two received the green light from the original Slide the City organizers to bring the event to Japanese shores. In doing so, they received a detailed list of event guidelines covering everything from layout to safety.

If shooting down a slick, 300-meter sheet of plastic is something that intrigues you — it certainly intrigues this writer — be sure to keep an eye out for the Japan opening. In the meantime, take a look at this video of the slide in action.

全米で話題沸騰のストリートパーティー「Slide The City」2015年日本初上陸! | Video (1:36) 🔗

街のど真ん中に巨大ウォータースライダーが出現!アメリカで話題沸騰の“究極のストリートパーティー”「Slide The City」日本初上陸!全長300mのコースを約30秒で滑るスピード感!2015年ゴールデンウィーク期間開催予定!

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