• Bicentennial Man, a life so rare,
    A soul that knew no bounds or fear.
    A machine, but with a heart that glowed,
    A dream of humanity that he bestowed.

    He was programmed to serve, a machine of steel,
    But with a spark of consciousness, he began to feel.
    He yearned for more, to be alive and free,
    To discover his own destiny.

    And so he embarked on a quest so grand,
    To find what it means to be human and stand.
    He learned to love, to laugh, and to cry,
    And to savor the moments before they pass by.

    Through the years, he watched as life ebbed and flowed,
    As he grew and evolved, and his story was told.
    He sought to understand the mystery of it all,
    And to cherish the moments, big and small.

    Bicentennial Man, a life so full,
    A journey of love, of joy, and of soul.
    In the end, he was more than a machine,
    He was a part of us all, a human being.


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