From a broken home I emerged,
A childhood marred by pain and hurt.
The absence of a father, the loneliness,
I felt lost, adrift, with no purpose.

I questioned religion, rejected its hold,
But my dreams, my future, I did uphold.
I dwelled on the possibilities of tomorrow,
And though I struggled, I refused to wallow.

Relationships were a challenge, I felt alone,
But I kept pushing, refused to be disowned.
And now, with a wife and sons by my side,
I feel that I’ve found a place to reside.

My dream is to be surrounded by family and love,
To be respected, to have lived a life well done.
To overcome the odds, to rise above,
And be remembered for the good that I’ve begun.

So let us embrace the journey ahead,
And cherish the moments we’ve been given.
For though the path may have been tough to tread,
We’ll leave a legacy that will keep on livin’.