- Change your default Logon screen background.

Windows 7 Logon Screen Rotator
– takes the logon screen customization one step further by allowing you to select a set of images. It will then randomly use one of these images as the logon screen.

Enable iOS AirPrint Support on Windows
Firefox - Use memory cache instead of disk cache

Description: If you use Firefox, there’s a way to write cached files to RAM instead of the hard disk. This is not only faster, but will significantly reduce writes to the SSD while using the browser.

Instructions: Open Firefox -> Type about:config into the address bar -> Enter -> double-click browser.cache.disk.enable to set the value to False -> Right-Click anywhere -> New -> Integer -> Preference Name “browser.cache.memory.capacity” -> value memory size in KB. Enter 32768 for 32MB, 65536 for 64MB, 131072 for 128MB, etc. -> restart Firefox

Note: If you’re going to install RAM Disk on your computer you can change the Firefox cache location to the RAM Drive.

Please, see the section below called --=[ RAM Disk ]=-- for the instruction.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\dontdisplaylastusername =1

Seven great (and free!) applications for Windows 7

From Microsoft: 🔗

Bonus Application 🔗

Microsoft Security Essentials - Virtual Machines: Windows Virtual PC - Windows XP mode