• I have decided to develop a road-map for this site’s development. I was first thinking that I would try to develop everything that I have already put down on paper. But in looking back at all the designs, I feel that it would be better to slowly grow this website.

    Below is my high-level overview:

    1. Basic blog front-end for read only. Extend the base blog features into the travel section.<
    2. Develop the Back-end Admin modules for easier management of this site.
    3. Develop new Resume section.
    4. Add the advanced features to the base blog including user invites, search and posts.
    5. Extend the travel section with the same advanced features.
    6. Add 日本語 module to the language directory for localization.
    7. Add RSS feature to travel and blog sections.

    This will probably change over time, but the idea is to have somewhere to start…

    Stay tuned!

    Travel Section