• I have spent the last few days working to get my blog closer to my vision in terms of functionality.

    The new tabs feature enables all to view multiple blog-entries without having to leave/change my page. Since the new design is mostly modular, I am able to make quick changes and transparent formatting via javascript\css. Additionally, each log can be pulled up via an external site for presentation.

    There are still a few things to clean up. For example, I have a <trunkMore> feature that truncates text in the preview mode but displays the entire log when opened. Additionally, I need to fix the encoding error for IE. IE sucks at figuring out that a UTF8 encoding is the same as UTF-8… grrraahhhh.

    I will begin to push over these new features into the travel log section once the blog is done.

    Perfection as a goal is a nice idea that can point one in a specific direction. However, since “perfection” is an ever changing (evolving?) and moving target, one must admit that perfection can never be obtained…

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