• I’m happy to announce the release of rblogger 0.2.0 for my website. I have been working for the past month to really get this blog up and going as I had originally envisioned it. The blog now supports YouTube videos and markup code to place the images/sounds/videos anywhere in the document. At this moment, the blog only allows 1 video per blog. I have plans to upgrade this to handle multiple videos within a single blog.

    But for now, I need to shift gears and work on the back-end for this website.

    For example, I have yet to create the search engine for finding stuff in my blogs. And I need a better interface for my resumes section.

    So, with many other important parts of this site needing attention, I will start to develop those areas.

    Christmas Lights @ 新宿駅 新南口
    Skating at Round1