Absolutely NOT!For your idea to gain traction and benefit all, you must share your ideas. The only useless ideas are those that are kept stale and hidden in one’s mind.If you worry about someone stealing your idea, stop. Try to go out and sell your idea to others. You may find supporters and advisors. But the odds of someone making that idea happen before you can bring it to society is extremely small (not zero). The reason for this is simple: people lack the skills, money, time, and/or (most importantly) passion. Most people are happy to hear about your idea but will never act before you do. If your idea produces something they would ultimately purchase, they are happy to wait until you have your product/service ready.Furthermore, by sharing your ideas, you will experience the benefit of the community (or crowd). The very act of sharing helps to evolve and polish your idea. Making that idea even better than before. In turn, you may find that you build an idea not only better, but something everyone around you would want. Idea evolution of sorts.Share and evolve your ideas!@LoreZyra