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  php-ping - simple ping script in PHP (zip/tar.gz/source/demo)
  php-trace - simple traceroute script (zip/tar.gz/source/demo) 
  report.php - PHP script for OTRS status report (tar.gz/source) - collects octets via SNMP (source/docs) - Converts Unix epoche time (source/demo)
NETWORK & TOOLS & PING & TRACE & TCP/IP Ping Tool - ping from here to whereever TraceRouter - traceroute from here to whereever Whois Tool - Query domain information/IPs/AS# GetHost - IP to Hostname script IP Calculator - calculate netmasks and IP ranges Up/Download Speed Test NEW - Test up and download speed to server. NEW Speed Test - Speedtest from Server Port Lookup Utility - database of 8427 UDP/TCP ports Support Forum - CLOSED, to many exploits and nobody is using it. Email me. Network speeds chart - How fast is OC-3, OC-12, T1, DS3 and so on. IP Atlas - Find your location on a worldmap via IP Address. Network Masks - Cisco Netmasks, CIDR sizes, and Inverse Masks What I know about you - ISP, IP, Browser and OS as image Count_UP Multiplier Script - Quick Hack to do magic...heck, take a look
LINKS & HACKS & TRICKS Network ABC's - Network/Hacking/Tips/Tricks/Essentials My links - Useful Links/Network Links ASCII-Art - ASCII's for emails and routers/switches Windows WAREZ - What is warez anyhow ? TST10 - Telnet via Script on Win, not mine but so useful (docs) Oreilly free books - Oreilly's openbook Project.