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    “Simple Web Services” is the key concept of 7ns.jp. We will continuously create simple, easy to use, and useful web services. Please come back and check our services.


    Name Sevens Inc.(7ns.jp)
    Established October 25, 2007
    CEO Yuki Naotori

    BS from Florida Institute of Technology, MS from Stanford University. Started his career at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) in 1995. Founded Open Associates in 2000 after working for Infinity Financial Technology, Monitor Company, and InsWeb Japan. Founded 7ns.jp in 2007Contact: Email: yuki [at] 7ns [dot] jp, Skype: yuki.naotori, GTalk: naotori

    Services 7ns.jp Original web services

    Consulting on Web for businesses

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    Address Akasaka Garden City 18F

    4-15-1, Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

    Email info [at] 7ns [dot] jp
    Phone 81-3-3560-5166
    FAX 81-3-3560-0785
    Humans, Population, and Technology