• Idea for web-based blog that utilizes a mobile phone with camera, compass, and geoLocation…

    Create a MobileWebApp (target iPhone) that will enable me to travel anywhere and immediately upload a video or photo directly to my online blog complete with google map-data.​

    Technologies that can be used:


    LAMP back-end.

    Example usage/application of this webApp:

    • Traveling to Mount Fuji (or somewhere in Japan) in the Summer(any season) time.
    • Taking several photos with iPhone of the scene I\\''m at.
    • webApp would capture the google map-data and photo upload for use in blog.
    • From blog entry form, show image and allow text entry of events to share.
    • blog entry would allow multiple photos/videos to be linked into a single blog.
    http://www.sencha.com/learn/Tutorial:A_Sencha_Touch_MVC_application_with_PhoneGap http://www.phonegap.com/download
    FireFox Addons - JP 翻訳
    (DONE) blogUser.table