• Notification / Toastwindow extension for Ext JS 4.x

    I have created a 4.x rewrite of the Ext.ux.Notification plugin by efattal.

    New improved features include:

    • Multiple managers and notifications stacks
      The static manager object is eliminated completely, allowing notifications to attach to different components using their x and y coordinates to slide in the notifications.
    • All four corners of document/manager can be used: ‘br’, ‘bl’, ‘tr’, ‘tl’.
    • Both x and y axis can be used. Notifications can slide in sideways.
    • When a notification is destroyed any notifications above it slide down automatically.
    • Hovering the mouse over the notification prevents autodestruction.
    • Easy customization of css, animations, delays, spacings/padding etc.
    • Demos and instructions can be found on this page: