10 Pieces of Really Bad Advice (for Computer Scientists)

  • “Don’t worry about the complexity of the algorithm we will never have enough data for it to make too much difference.”

  • “It does not need to be secure, who would be interested in hacking it?”

  • “It does not matter if you don’t understand it, it works OK.”

  • “It is just one awkward user complaining.”

  • “Do not bother about updating the documentation, nobody will read it.”

  • “You can tart up the user interface post-release.”

  • “This is an ideal problem for [insert name of obscure programming language].”

  • “It would be easier to write it ourselves rather than work out what they have done.”

  • “We could just change the standard protocol slightly.”

  • “Of course he can program, he has a Linux t-shirt.”

  • Honourable Mention: “Leave the back-up until tomorrow.”