• Test driving my new blog software

    I’ve been looking for a replacement of FB, Twitter, etc to home my diary 📖. I often find myself wanting better control over how my content is shared and displayed. Being too lazy to house it myself, I relied on FaceBook to keep my journal entries. Now, I will export my data from those sites and compile them here.

    This software is based on HEXO that runs on NodeJS. 👨🏻‍💻 It’s an open-source development software that converts Markdown files into a full HTML static website. Biggest downside to this solution is that I need to run the command-line tool on my MacBookPro to regenerate the pages. Then commit to GitHub. You can’t simply add a quick post directly to the site. I can still directly add new posts in Github, but it won’t be reflected on the site until I regenerate the code from my home laptop.

    The biggest advantage is that I have full control over the layout and design of the site. And, because there is no input function, it’s very difficult to hack the site. 🔒 Plus, as there is no preprocessing of data on the backend, the site is blazingly fast!💨 Additionally, markdown files are a lot easier to read without the encapsulating code. These positives outweigh the negatives by a kiloton in my book.

    SNS (Social Networking service) support

    🌏 I will continue to use those social media platforms. However, they will all be directed to this blog as the single “source of truth.” And, I will allow others to comment on here using Disqus integration.

    Old idea renewed

    I attempted to do something like this in 2010. But after a while, felt that FaceBook did it better and used it instead. But now. I want better control over my data. So, I have reversed course and will instead publish everything from my own site that then gets pushed out to all the social media sites at once.

    Moving posts

    🚚 I will also attempt to migrate all my Facebook posts here. However, it’s over 10 years and 3GB+ of data. I won’t promise to migrate it all, but will certainly try. I’ve already migrated my Twitter posts here. At least with Twitter, I didn’t have much to migrate. 😃

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    Table of Contents