AT Day’s start: On Board
At Day’s end  : /SigningOff… Otsukare-saa desu.

8:38 2010/08/02 ==> 8:15a - 12p, 1p - 6p [9]
*** NEED to SUBMIT CR for projecT!!~! [still don\''t have submit access]
Chased on all my unresolved ticket request: toolkit-lic.app push  &  CR permissions.
Meeting with Efrain on my \"Perform Review.
Troubleshooting for Sachin’s website issue.

8:38 2010/08/03 ==> 8:15a - 5p, 5:45p - 8:15p [11.5]
Worked on the PowerPoint doc for UI proj.
Updated LEQ’s PC with new useragent.
Continued with analyst of inventory and PC breakdown list.
Finished compiling all the numbers for PC inventory and breakdown lists.
Finished the 1st draft of my UI proj#2 PPT file.
20:11 2010/08/03

19:14 2010/08/04 ==> 8:30a - 7:45p [11.75]
ReRan the numbers again to include all 4.5 and 4.6 PCs for HW refresh.
Updated the presentation for UI project.
Meeting with Efrain - UI project
Troubleshot Sachin’s ebbsspot.com login issue – needed to install additional software
Advised Tomomi-san on her login lockout issues.
Finished building John Gorman’s replacement PC. He started testing it.
Chased HP on broken PCs.
Help Gupta with PC monitor.
19:32 2010/08/04

9:29 2010/08/05 ==> 8:45a - 12p, 1p - 7:15p [9.5]
Built new PC for Gupta-san
Submitted CR for September rollouts.
Chased Package team for Pete.M’s clientTools2005 issue.
SD weekly meet.
worked with the gateway guys to collect the remaining 4.0 PCs from 9th floor.
Installed Gupta’s new PC and reclaimed his existing z400.

8:51 2010/08/06 ==> 8:30a - 12p, 1p - 8p [11.5]