Introduction 🔗

I’ve worked for a number of enterprise companies within Japan and noticed many of their engineers don’t know if a service on one cloud provider is transferable to another. Reversibility is important when a company desires to avoid vendor lock-in. If you are building a FaaS based app, can you migrate it from Azure to AWS? (Or vica-versa?) With some planning and understanding of the services offered by the most mature Cloud providers below, there will probably be a path to make your migration possible.

Below is a matrix of services provided by AWS, Azure, and GCP. It’s based on the solution documentation found for each cloud platform:

Not all services are exactly alike. However, many of them offer equivalent functionality. Not all services provided by AWS are expected to be available on the other cloud platforms. Likewise, the other platforms may offer features not found on AWS. Items provided by Microsoft or Google such as Microsoft 365 and G Suite are listed in parentheses (). Tools such as physical devices and SDK are not listed.

Analytics 🔗

Querying data lake Amazon Athena Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Data Lake Analytics
Google BigQuery
search Amazon CloudSearch Azure Cognitive Search
Hadoop clusters Amazon EMR HDInsight
Azure Databricks
Deploying Elasticsearch clusters Amazon OpenSearch Service Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud Elastic Cloud on GCP
Stream data processing Amazon Kinesis Azure Event Hubs Cloud Dataflow
Kafka clusters Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka HDInsight
Data WareHousing Amazon Redshift Azure Synapse Analytics Google BigQuery
Business Intelligence Amazon QuickSight (Power BI) Looker
(Google DataPotal)
Data workflow AWS Data Pipeline Azure Data Factory
Data Integration
ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
AWS Glue Azure Data Factory Cloud Data Fusion
Data Lake automation AWS Lake Formation
Data discovery and metadata management AWS Glue Azure Purview
Azure Data Catalog
Data Catalog
3rd-party data subscription AWS Data Exchange Azure Data Share Analytics Hub
Data Preparation AWS Glue DataBrew Dataprep by Trifacta
Financial services industry Amazon FinSpace

Application Integration 🔗

Serverless workflow AWS Step Functions Azure Logic Apps Workflow
Message queue Amazon Simple Queue Service Azure Queue Storage Cloud Pub/Sub1
Publish / Subscribe Amazon Simple Queue Service Azure Service Bus Cloud Pub/Sub1
Message Brokering Amazon MQ
GraphQL AWS AppSync
Event capture & delivery Amazon EventBridge Event Grid Eventarc
Job scheduling Amazon EventBridge Azure Logic Apps Cloud Scheduler
SaaS data flows Amazon AppFlow
Workflow orchestration Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow Azure Data Factory Cloud Composer

Blockchain 🔗

Creating and managing networks Amazon Managed Blockchain Azure Blockchain Service [RETIRED 2021]
Ledger database Amazon Quantum Ledger Database
Blockchain app build Azure Blockchain Workbench
Token definition, creation and management Azure Blockchain Workbench

Business Applications 🔗

Alexa Alexa for Business
Online meeting Amazon Chime (Microsoft 365) (Google Workspace)
Communication service development Amazon Chime SDK Azure Communication Services
Email Amazon WorkMail (Microsoft 365) (Google Workspace)
No-Code Amazon Honeycode (PowerApps) AppSheet

Compute 🔗

Virtual machine Amazon EC2 Azure Virtual Machines Compute Engine
scaling Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Virtual Machine Scale Sets Compute Engine Autoscaler
VPS Amazon Lightsail
Batch computing AWS Batch Azure Batch Cloud Tasks
App environment Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Azure App Service App Engine
FaaS AWS Lambda Azure Functions Cloud Functions
Serverless app repository AWS Serverless Application Repository
Deploy VMware VMware Cloud on AWS Azure VMware Solution Google Cloud VMware Engine
On-premises deployment AWS Outposts Azure Stack Google Distributed Cloud
Quantum computing Amazon Bracket Azure Quantum
VM image automation EC2 Image Builder Azure Image Builder
Confidential computing environment AWS Nitro Enclaves Azure Confidential Computing Confidential VMs

Containers 🔗

Container orchestrator Amazon Elastic Container Service Container Instances
Kubernetes Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Azure Kubernetes Service Google Kubernetes Engine
Container registry Amazon Elastic Container Registry Azure Container Registry Artifact Registry
Container without instance management AWS Fargate Service Fabric Mesh
Fully managed Containers without infrastructure AWS App Runner Web App for Containers Cloud Run
Containerization of existing apps AWS App2Container Azure Migrate Migrate for Anthos
Build a hybrid cloud Amazon ECS/EKS Anywhere Azure Arc Anthos
OpenShift cluster Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS Azure Red Hat OpenShift Red Hat OpenShift on GCP

Cost Management 🔗

Visualization of usage AWS Cost Explorer Azure Cost Management Cost Management
Budget management AWS Budgets Azure Cost Management Cloud Billing
Manage Reserved Instances Reserved Instance Reporting Azure Cost Management
Usage report AWS Cost & Usage Report Azure Cost Management Cloud Billing
Compute usage savings Savings Plans

Customer Engagement 🔗

Contact center Amazon Connect
Contact center analysis Contact Lens for Amazon Connect Contact Center AI Insights
Engagement personalization Amazon Pinpoint Notification Hubs
Sending and receiving emails Amazon Simple Email Service

Database 🔗

MySQL Amazon RDS for MySQL
Amazon Aurora
Azure Database for MySQL Cloud SQL for MySQL
PostgreSQL Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Amazon Aurora
Azure Database for PostgreSQL Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
Oracle Amazon RDS for Oracle
SQL Server Amazon RDS for SQL Server SQL Database Cloud SQL for SQL Server
MariaDB Amazon RDS for MariaDB Azure Database for MariaDB
NoSQL Amazon DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB Cloud Datastore
Cloud Bigtable
Memcached Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached Memorystore for Memcached
Redis Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Azure Cache for Redis Memorystore for Redis
Graph DB Amazon Neptune Azure Cosmos DB(API for Gremlin)
time series DB Amazon Timestream Azure Time Series Insights
MongoDB Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Azure Cosmos DB(MongoDB API)
Cassandra Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra
Globally distributed RDB Cloud Spanner
Real-time DB Firestore

Developer Tools 🔗

Management of coding projects AWS CodeStar Azure DevOps
Git repository AWS CodeCommit Azure Repos
Cloud Source Repositories
Continuous build & testing [CI/CD] AWS CodeBuild Azure Pipelines Cloud Build
Continuous deployment AWS CodeDeploy Azure Pipelines Cloud Build
Google Cloud Deploy
Pipelines AWS CodePipeline Azure Pipelines Cloud Build
Google Cloud Deploy
Work & team tracking Azure Boards
Package registry AWS CodeArtifact Azure Artifacts Artifact Registry
Manage test plans Azure Test Plans
IDE AWS Cloud9 Visual Studio Codespaces Cloud Shell Code editor
Distributed tracing AWS X-Ray Azure Application Insights Cloud Trace
Browser-based shell AWS CloudShell Azure Cloud Shell Cloud Shell
Chaos engineering AWS Fault Injection Simulator Azure Chaos Studio

End User Computing 🔗

Desktop Amazon WorkSpaces Azure Virtual Desktop
Application streaming Amazon AppStream 2.0
Storage Amazon WorkDocs (Microsoft 365) (Google Workspace)
Access to in-house applications Amazon WorkLink Azure AD Application Proxy Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy

Front-End Web & Mobile 🔗

Build and deploy mobile / web applications AWS Amplify Mobile Apps (Firebase)
Application test AWS Device Farm (Visual Studio App Center) (Firebase Test Lab)

Internet of Things 🔗

Device-cloud connection AWS IoT Core Azure IoT Hub Cloud IoT Core
Edge Deployment AWS Greengrass Azure IoT Hub Cloud IoT Core
Execute any function from the device AWS IoT 1-Click
Device analysis AWS IoT Analytics Azure Stream Analytics
Azure Time Series Insights
Device security management AWS IoT Device Defender
Device management AWS IoT Device Management Azure IoT Hub Cloud IoT Core
Detection of events occurring on the device AWS IoT Events
Collect data from industrial equipment AWS IoT SiteWise
Building IoT applications AWS IoT Things Graph Azure Digital Twins
Digital twin AWS IoT TwinMaker Azure Digital Twins
Location intelligence Amazon Location Service Azure Maps Google Maps Platform
Edge located DB Azure SQL Edge
Collection of vehicle data AWS IoT FleetWise
Build a robot fleet management application AWS IoT RoboRunner

Machine Learning 🔗

ML modeling Amazon SageMaker Azure Machine Learning Vertex AI
Build the workflow needed to review ML predictions Amazon Augmented AI
Automatic code review Amazon Code Guru
Natural language processing Amazon Comprehend
Amazon Comprehend Medical
Language Understanding Cloud Natural Language
Fraud detection Amazon Fraud Detector
Storage and analysis of health data Amazon HealthLake Azure API for FHIR Cloud Healthcare API
Enterprise search Amazon Kendra Azure Cognitive Search
Chatbot Amazon Lex Azure Bot Service Dialogflow
Text-to-Speech Amazon Polly Speech Services Text-to-Speech
Speech-to-Text Amazon Transcribe Speech Services Cloud Speech-to-Text
Image recognition Amazon Rekognition Computer Vision Vision AI
Translation Amazon Translate Translator Text Translation AI
Recommendation Amazon Personalize Personalizer Recommendations AI
Time series forecast Amazon Forecast
Document comprehension Amazon Textract Azure Form Recognizer Document AI
Fast Inference Amazon Elastic Inference Cloud TPU
Deep Learning Deep Learning with TensorFlow Tensorflow Enterprise
Dataset construction Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Azure Machine Learning data labeling Vertex Data Labeling
Notebooks Amazon SageMaker Studio Notebooks Azure Machine Learning Vertex AI Workbench
Preparation of ML data Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler
Machine learning operations (MLOps) Amazon SageMaker for ML Engineers
Vision model customization Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels Custom Vision Cloud AutoML Vision
Voice model customization Custom Speech
Language processing model customization Amazon Comprehend Cloud AutoML Natural Language
Translation model customization Amazon Translate Custom Terminology Translator Text Custom Translator Cloud AutoML Translation
Cloud operation utilizing ML Amazon DevOps Guru
Sensor anomaly detection analysis Amazon Lookout for Equipment
Product defect detection Amazon Lookout for Vision
Anomaly detection of time series data Amazon Lookout for Metrics Anomaly Detector
End-to-end industrial equipment monitoring Amazon Monitron
Computer vision at the edge AWS Panorama Azure Percept
Virtual machine image for deep learning AWS Deep Learning AMIs Data Science Virtual Machines Deep Learning VM Image
Container image for deep learning AWS Deep Learning Containers Deep Learning Containers

Management & Governance 🔗

Monitoring Amazon CloudWatch Azure Monitor Cloud Monitoring
Creating and managing resources AWS CloudFormation Azure Resource Manager Cloud Deployment Manager
Activity tracking AWS CloudTrail Azure Activity Log Cloud Audit Logs
Recording and auditing resource configuration changes AWS Config Cloud Asset Inventory
Configuration management services AWS OpsWorks (Chef / Puppet)
IT service catalog management AWS Service Catalog Azure Managed Applications Private Catalog
Infrastructure visibility and control AWS Systems Manager Azure Automanage VM Manager
Performance & security optimization AWS Trusted Advisor Azure Advisor Recommender
Status of service utilization AWS Personal Health Dashboard Azure Resource Health
Criteria compliant account setup AWS Control Tower Azure Blueprints Policy Intelligence
License management AWS License Manager
Infrastructure management by cloud provider AWS Managed Services
Review and improve workloads AWS Well-Architected Tool
Manage multiple accounts AWS Organizations Azure Management Group Resource Manager
Private SSH / RDP connection AWS Systems Manager - Session Manager Azure Bastion Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy
ChatOps AWS Chatbot
Parameter store AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store App Configuration
Moving resources Azure Resource Mover
Manage container / serverless deployments Amazon Proton
Grafana Amazon Managed Service for Grafana Azure Managed Grafana
Prometheus Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus

Media Services 🔗

Media conversion Amazon Elastic Transcoder
AWS Elemental MediaConvert
Azure Media Services - Encoding Transcoder API
Live video processing AWS Elemental MediaLive Azure Media Services - Live and On-demand Streaming (Anvato)
Live streaming delivery Amazon Interactive Video Service
Video distribution and packaging AWS Elemental MediaPackage Azure Media Services (Anvato)
Storage for video files AWS Elemental MediaStore
Inserting targeted ads AWS Elemental MediaTailor
Digital content creation studio Amazon Nimble Studio

Migration & Transfer 🔗

Manage migration AWS Migration Hub
Transition assessment AWS Application Discovery Service Azure Migrate
Database migration AWS Database Migration Service Azure Database Migration Service Database Migration Service
Data transfer from on-premises AWS DataSync Azure File Sync
Server migration AWS Application Migration Service
AWS Server Migration Service
Azure Migrate Migrate for Compute Engine
Disaster recovery AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Azure Site Recovery
Migration of large volumes of data Snowball
Snowball Edge
Azure Data box Transfer Appliance
Data sharing between companies - SFTP/FTP/FTPS AWS Transfer Family (FileMage)
Data transfer between clouds Cloud Storage Transfer Service
Mainframe modernization AWS Mainframe Modernization

Networking & Content Delivery 🔗

Virtual network Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Private Cloud
Azure Virtual Network
Cloud Virtual Private Network
API management Amazon API Gateway API Apps
API Management
API Gateway
Cloud Endpoints
CDN Amazon CloudFront Azure CDN Cloud CDN
DNS Amazon Route 53 Azure DNS Cloud DNS
Cloud Domains
Private connection Amazon VPC PrivateLink Azure Private Link Private Access Options for Services
Service mesh AWS App Mesh Azure Service Fabric Mesh Traffic Director
Service discovery AWS Cloud Map Service discovery
Leased line connection AWS Direct Connect Azure ExpressRoute Cloud Interconnect
DNS load balancing Amazon Route 53 Azure Traffic Manager Cloud DNS
Global endpoint AWS Global Accelerator Azure Front Door Cloud Load Balancing
Hub & spoke network connection AWS Transit Gateway Azure Virtual Network Manager
Network performance monitoring AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager Network Watcher Network Intelligence Center
Building a global wide area network AWS Cloud WAN Azure Virtual WAN Network Connectivity Center
Build private 5G AWS Private 5G Azure Private 5G core

Security, Identity & Compliance 🔗

Identity management AWS Identity and Access Management Azure Active Directory IAM
Hierarchical data store Amazon Cloud Directory
Analysis and visualization of security data Amazon Detective
Application access management Amazon Cognito Azure Active Directory B2C Identity Platform
Threat detection Amazon GuardDuty Azure Advanced Threat Protection Security Command Center
Server security assessment Amazon Inspector Microsoft Defender for Cloud Security Command Center
Detection and protection of sensitive data Amazon Macie Azure Information Protection Cloud Data Loss Prevention
Access to compliance reports AWS Artifact (Service Trust Portal) Compliance Reports Manager
SSL / TLS certificate management AWS Certificate Manager App Service Certificates Certificate Authority Service
Private CA AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority Certificate Authority Service
Hardware security module AWS CloudHSM Azure Dedicated HSM Cloud HSM
Active Directory AWS Directory Service Azure Active Directory Domain Services Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory
Centralized management of firewall rules AWS Firewall Manager Azure Firewall Manager
Key creation and management AWS Key Management Service Azure Key Vault Cloud Key Management Service
Management of confidential information AWS Secrets Manager Azure Key Vault Secret Manager
Centralized management of security information AWS Security Hub Microsoft Sentinel Security Command Center
DDoS protection AWS Shield Azure DDoS Protection Cloud Armor
Single sign-on AWS Single Sign-On Azure Active Directory B2C Cloud Identity
Web App Firewall AWS WAF Azure Application Gateway Cloud Armor
Virtual network firewall AWS Network Firewall Azure Firewall
Continuous usage audit AWS Audit Manager
Intrusion detection system AWS Shield - Advanced Azure Firewall Cloud IDS

Storage 🔗

Object storage Amazon S3 Azure Blob Cloud Storage
Block storage Amazon EBS Managed Disk Persistent Disk
File storage (NFS) Amazon Elastic File System Azure Files Cloud Filestore
File storage (SMB) Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Azure Files
NetApp ONTAP Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP Azure NetApp Files
File system for HPC Amazon FSx for Lustre Azure FXT Edge Filer
OpenZFS Amazon FSx for OpenZFS
Archive storage Amazon S3 Glacier Storage archive access tier Cloud Storage Coldline
Centralized backup management AWS Backup Azure Backup
Hybrid storage AWS Storage Gateway Azure StorSimple
Disaster recovery AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Azure Site Recovery

others 🔗

Creating AR / VR content Amazon Sumerian Azure Spatial Anchors
Game server hosting Amazon GameLift Azure PlayFab Google Cloud Game Servers
Game engine Amazon Lumberyard
Robotics AWS RoboMaker
satellite AWS Ground Station Azure Orbital
Visualize Cloud’s entire Architecture AWS Perspective **

** Perspective is not an AWS service, but rather a native built solution employing AWS services. For a platform agnostic solution, LucidScale offers a lot of excellent features that support AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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