On my way to India! This is for both business and sightseeing.

Third-world country… This is my first time in India. Everyone is a crazy driver! It’s hard to believe there are apparently so few major wrecks! Seems like the road rules are taken little more than as a suggestion. No one cares about the lights much less the painted lines on the road. I should be thankful that my accommodations have a working shower and air conditioner. Still having a time getting used to the strange smell in the air. Seems like the whole city smells like some type of curry.

Inbound to India
Getting closer to India
Mountain range in India
Preview of the cities below
lots of dirt roads
Getting closer to New Delhi
Crazy drivers

Where I will stay during this trip
My accomodations
First Indian dinner
Shared Dining area
Balcony view
Where did they get their licenses from?!

Looking around India and its rapid developments, I’m imaging what the USA was like over a century ago. It’s like time-traveling without using a worm-hole to traverse.
Power lines reminds me of what the States looked like a century past
Trash collection is very manual
What lane?! Everyone seems to ignore the road rules
Motorcycle protection isn't required?
2nd night's Indian dinner
Day three: drive to work site
Street food vendors everywhere
Kitchen at my India residence
Kitchen at my India residence
Day 4: Breakfast
Lunch at work site

Day off - shopping for Akiko
Day off - Lunch at the mall
Cold, sweet ramen for dessert at the mall

Indian tran station
Indian tran station
Indian tran station
Delhi Metro penalties
No spitting

Horse & carriage travel is not uncommon in India

Parking lot near the big Mall
Mall entrance
Today Mall

One of the many things that surprised me was the level security they have at the mall. At all the entrances, you must pass through an invasive security search of your baggage and clothes.
Security check at all Mall entrances
Animals roam freely throughout the city
Animals roam freely throughout the city
At night, it's really hard to see as there are no street lights in most places
Train station has similar security as the airports
Indian currency

House construction
House construction
House construction is really substandard
House construction is really substandard

Rirekishas are everywhere for cheap taxis

Apartments in India
Popup food vendors

Buddha at the Airport
Airport Buffet
Good curry from the airport
Streets are very narrow

Gates for business and private property