• My visit to Ghibli Studios Japan (museum)…

    If you are a fan of any movie/anime ever produced by Hayao Miyazaki, then this is THE place to see. This place is more like a theme park than museum. One can easily get spirited away with the very clever puzzles and architecture. Even the little cafe has Ghibli films’ themed foods! I particularly enjoyed the Laputa robot on the roof in the middle of a gorgeous garden.

    Can I get a ride?
    Standing with the Laputa Robot ontop the the Ghibli Studios

    It’s easy to spend a good day browsing around this place. Miyazaki has a long history of outstanding films. Let your inner-child enjoy the day. Be warned, the tickets are sold by advanced reservation only. So, try to pick up your tickets a day or two before going in.

    Visit http://www.ghibli-museum.jp for more details.

    Mt. Takao 高尾山
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