Rare shot shows 2 distinct seasons meeting in one place 🔗

“Japan has four seasons” is a phrase many will often hear and sometimes be confused by as it sometimes comes across as a unique claim, but what it’s often meant to express is that the country has very distinct and pronounced seasons.

At Daisen Mountain in Tottori Prefecture, the first cold wave of winter hit earlier than usual this year, and the scenery there shared by Takashi Karaki (@karakky0918) captures that distinct change in seasons.

There were still lots of colorful fall leaves left on the trees in the mountain area. However, due to the early arrival of the cold wave, the mountain was partially covered in snow that day. As a result, a very rare “boundary of fall and winter season” appeared on the surface of the mountain.

Take a look at the rare sight of the seasonal “change” that Karaki was able to photograph on November 10th.

A beautiful, rare sight of trees covered in both snow and vibrant fall leaves converging both in one picture not edited in any way .

This magical photo of the boundary of the seasons that Karaki took gained a lot of attention, and touched many people leaving comments and praise:.

“How rare is this sight?! And it’s so touching how beautiful it is!”

“He definitely captured a magical moment.”

“This is incredible how clear the boundary is… the wonder of nature.”

You can enjoy both the fall and winter scenery in this one photo. It is also a sign that winter is actually just around the corner, too.

Climate change making effects more obvious 🔗

To me, this is more about climate change that Japan’s “unique” four seasons. Other places throughout the world are increasingly seeing seasonal mix-ups and inconsistencies in the landscape.