iBooks 1.0 is complete and utter CRAP!!! I bothered to upgrade my MacBook to Mavericks (10.9.1) because I thought iBooks might be a nice epub reader…

I was seriously mistaken! Not only does it rip and tear up my books from iTunes, but I have zero ways to actually update the metaData. About 98% of all my eBooks come from a source other than Apple. Even then, for the books that I have purchased on iTunes, the genre or some other metadata is wrong.

With this new iBooks, you have ZERO methods to edit that data. Plus, for some arsenide reason, Apple moves your files to a hidden folder! And, renames the files using some hash instead of the easy to read titles as filenames. You have no choice in the matter! iTunes at least gave you that ability. Oh, but once iBooks has forcefully invaded your eBook library, iTunes no longer offers the Book icon. You can no longer use iTunes to fix your library. GAARRRRRR!

This isn’t iBooks 1.0 production release… This is iBooks 0.01 crappy release!!!

(this rant will continue…)