John Croft built an amazing 17,000 sq-ft (1579 sq-m) dream home that is completely powered by solar and geothermal energy. It does not require any power from the grid. The house produces more energy than it needs and is able to sell that power to the grid. It took over 4 years and over £1.3 million pounds to see the house fully built. If he didn’t personally contribute to the project it would have exceeded an estimated £4.5 million pounds. The MoonStone house was built near the Cotswold village of Cockleford, Gloucestershire UK.

One interesting aspect of this project is that it employs both solar heat panels and geothermal boreholes to collect heat. I don’t know why they didn’t employ just geothermal alone. This is an area I should probably investigate further. The complete build diary can be found here:

The design caught my attention as it is not only net-zero carbon producing, but appeals to my own sense of aesthetics. I wonder if this design is feasible in Hokkaido at a smaller scale.

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Can you HEAT & POWER a big house with RENEWABLES? | Video (22:02 minutes) 🔗

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Robert visits the inspiring, and award-winning, Moonstone House:

To find out how this massive property uses zero burnt energy and in fact is actually generating power.

It is bursting with new technology, is being constantly updated and is a true insight into a future where all new and normal houses are free from fossil fuels.

More information about the insulation:

Presented by Robert Llewellyn.

The UK even Europe’s Best Eco House ? The Moonstone Project - Winter 2020 Update | Video (20:01 minutes) 🔗

Over 10 years on John Croft talks about the position of Moonstone in 2020 - it’s technology and future.

The Moonstone Project - Virtual Power Plant | Video (7:14 minutes) 🔗

With excess power on tap the Moonstone Project explores the potential in distributing that power.