• Watch Japan’s Maglev Train Reach Speeds Of 500km/h

    Screen capture from BBC footage

    A train that zips between cities at speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour (311 miles per hour) was taken for a test run in Japan. The BBC has released footage of 100 passengers experiencing the first ride on the high-speed maglev Shinkansen train as part of an eight day trial run by the Central Japan Railway Company.

    Maglev stands for magnetic levitation because it “floats” the train above the tracks via magnets instead of wheels. This means the maglev is smoother and quieter than most of the trains we are accustomed to.

    This particular train whooshed between the cities of Uenohara and Fuefuki faster than the current commercial record-holder—the Shanghai Maglev Train—which reaches speeds of up to 431 kilometers per hour (268 miles per hour).

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